Tooth Whitening Treatments

Shining white teeth! This is what everybody likes, but only few have them. Coffee, red wine, tobacco, medicines, all can leave traces. As the years pass by the shade of your teeth is changed from snowy white to ivory yellow.

A lot of people feel inhibited to smile in full. That's a shame because the smile is one of the most determining elements of the first impression we make on others.

Teeth can be lightened by up to two shades in less than one hour during one comfortable in-house using latest power whitening techniques. This is a perfectly safe procedure and patient does not have the inconvenience of wearing messy bleaching tray at home. The method is without discomfort or irritation.

The whitening effect can last for years without the necessity of having to repeat the treatment provided a few simple initial precautions are followed and good mouth hygiene is maintained.

Whiter teeth with a shining smile are now possible for everyone. Indications

  1. Discoloration caused by extrinsic factors like consumption of tea, coffee, colas, tobacco, smoking.
  2. Discoloration due to aging.
  3. Teeth that have darkened in shades of yellow, orange, light brown respond better to bleaching.
  4. Discoloration due to fluorosis and tetracycline can be lightened to some extent.

Advantages :

  1. Simple procedure
  2. Improves overall aesthetics
  3. Non-invasive and safe
  4. Relatively inexpensive.

Instructions to Patients :

  1. Minor sensitivity to cold is to be expected.
  2. No smoking or chewing tobacco during and preferably after treatment
  3. Slight reversal of color is to be expected within the first few weeks.
  4. Periodic touch-up is required.

Procedure :

A dental check-up is a must to determine whether you are a candidate for bleaching. The next step is to decide whether to go for office bleach or the home bleach technique. Procedure In the home bleach technique the dentist takes impressions of your teeth to fabricate a mouth guard appliance which is to be worn after being loaded with the bleaching material for the time period that is specified by the dentist depending upon the case. Usually the bleaching trays are to worn in the night for about four to five nights to notice visible changes.

  • Home Bleach : This is done at home by the patient
  • Office Bleach : This procedure is done in the dental office and carried out by the dental surgeon. Office bleach usually requires 1 - 2 sittings.

  • The bleaching agent is applied on the tooth surface. The tooth is then exposed to rays of a special light. These rays penetrate the bleaching agent and the process is activated. Time taken to bleach each tooth is 5 - 10 min. Usually 1 - 2 sittings complete the entire procedure.