Post & Core Treatments

Post and Core Treatments

Post and core is a procedure to rebuild a tooth in order to provide proper support for a crown.

Post and core procedure
The post will act like an anchor for the placement of crown. Posts are usually recommended in case of inadequate support for a crown. A post is placed within the body of the root of a tooth that has already treated with root canal treatment.
Post and core procedure
There are 2 different types of posts.
It can be cast at the dental laboratory.
In both cases, the result of anchorage for a crown is the same.
Post and core procedure
The core is the part of the post that shows out in the mouth that help anchor a cap or crown.
Post and core procedure
When The post and core is cemented into your tooth separate from the crown , the crown (or cap) is then ready to be placed. Post and core are usually recommended when there is minimal support for a crown, but they are not always necessary. The use of a post will be determined on an individual basis based upon support and structural requirements as well.

Prefabricated or Direct POST & CORE

The first step is to remove some of the gutta percha that was used to seal one or more of the root canals in the tooth. Then, using a series of graduated rasps, the inside of the canals are enlarged and shaped to receive a specially made metal or metal-free "post" that exactly fits the hole made by the last rasp. These posts are usually pre-manufactured and come in many different shapes. The post is then cemented in the hole so that it is firmly embedded in the root of the tooth, and projects up above the level of the gums in order to help retain a filling that will be placed over it.

Metal VS white fiber post

Core build-ups placed over the posts, clearly reflect the aesthetic compromise with the metallic -colored post.

Fiber Post