Hypersensitivity Relief Treatments

Hypersensitivity Relief Treatments

Hypersensitivity Relief A Common Cause of Hypersensitivity :

Receding gums can lead to hypersensitivity. As gums recede, sensitive root surfaces can be vulnerable to decay. Exposed root surfaces contain microscopic tubules in the dentin that lead into the tooth’s center. These tubules channel stimulation from cold, heat, acids and sweets into the tooth’s nerve center. This nerve stimulation results in pain.

Treatment for Sensitivity :

Medicated tooth pastes & mouth washes containing stannous fluoride/sodium mono-fluoro phosphate & strontium chloride builds protection against painful sensitivity of the teeth due to cold, heat, acids, sweets or contact.

With daily use, they uniformly occludes dentinal tubules, building up a protective layer to provide optimal sensitivity relief. The advantage in stannous fluoride formulation is that it creates a densely mineralized layer, formed from stable stannous fluoride and salivary minerals, across the dentinal surfaces. This blankets exposed roots in a protective fluoridated covering which helps make them more resistant to demineralization. The blocking of open tubules leads to effective pain relief.
This also builds a protective fluoridated layer, the fluoride is incorporated into the dentin to help fight caries and keep teeth healthy.
The minor or major abrasions are then restored with the tooth colored restorative materials viz. L.C. GIF or L.C. Composites.

Healthy Teeth & Gums :

  • Teeth are firmly in place, enamel is intact and decay-free.
  • Gums are pink, pain-free with little or no signs of recession.
  • Proper oral care is essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • Brush with a fluoride toothpaste, floss and rinse daily and schedule regular dental checkups.

Toothbrush Abrasion :

  • Brushing too aggressively or with a brush that’s too firm can damage dentin and cause gum recession.
  • A tooth with abraded dentin is highly susceptible to decay and may be sensitive.
  • Medicated tooth pastes & mouth wash can help mineralize dentin, prevent decay and relieve sensitivity.

Gingivitis & Periodontitis :

  • Gingivitis is characterized by inflamed/bleeding gums.
  • Periodontitis is inflammation of the supporting structure under the gums and results in attachment loss.
  • Gum disease can expose dentinal surfaces which are prone to decay and sensitivity.
  • Medicated tooth pastes & mouth wash can help protect dentinal surfaces exposed by gum disease and relieve sensitivity.

Post-Periodontal Gum Line :

  • After Periodontal treatment the root structure may be exposed.
  • Dentinal surfaces lack protective enamel, are often sensitive and are highly susceptible to decay.
Medicated toothpaste & mouth wash can help prevent decay and relieve sensitivity.