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Digital OPG

OPG commonly known as Panorex or full mouth radiograph gives a complete image of all the teeth and jaw bones thereby enabling the doctors to diagnose better.

We are the first dental practice in Delhi to have installed the latest Kodak model 8100 OPG machine in a specially designed room where we meticulously follow safety norms to prevent any kind of radiation leakage. The OPG is made and stored on our server, which then enables viewing on any of our multiple screens.

MaxStar - eMotion

High-Speed DesignThe DMG MixStar-eMotion sets new standards. Its forward-looking technology makes it:

Easier The MixStar-eMotion is extremely easy to operate. With one quick push-button operation the material is automatically dosed, mixed, and dispensed with electronic precision. And to further simplify the work process the unit features two timers for processing time and setting time. The time settings for different impression materials can be pre-programmed, stored, and easily retrieved.

Faster The MixStar-eMotion features three speed levels. At the highest level the material can be dispensed twice as fast as with its predecessor, the MixStar, i. e. you can save up to 20 seconds filling the tray.

Safe Electronically controlled, the MixStar-eMotion delivers an invariably homogenous and bubble-free material quality. The material dispensed into the tray is always precisely dosed and material waste is reduced to a minimum. By programming and storing the correct working and setting times mixing and impression errors can be prevented.

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