Consultation Treatments

Consultation Treatments

Initial Consultation :

Most of our patients come to us with a specific dental need. They may have crooked, crowded or missing teeth, yellow stained teeth or they may be suffering pain from teeth or gums.

We allow an hour for an unhurried, in depth discussion of all your dental needs. Often a cosmetic problem has a functional basis and we are dedicated not only providing you with a beautiful smile but at the same time healthy and pain free gums and teeth and freedom from painful jaw joints and chronic headaches.

There is a small charge for this first consultation and we usually are able to give the patient a broad picture of what is necessary to restore the mouth to maximum health, function and beauty.

We must emphasis that our first priority will be to address your main problem, but sometimes there may be underlying causes and associated problems which will need to be briefly discussed. Sometimes at this first visit it is necessary to take one or two small X-rays for which there would be a minimal charge in order to gain some insight into the nature of a specific problem. A full X-ray examination is usually only done at the second visit when the patient feels ready to commit themselves to a course of treatment which has been mutually agreed after a full discussion.

If the first problem is pain, we would of course deal with this immediately.
During the initial consultation the latest Intra-Oral Camera is used to detect problems of the teeth and gums which are shown instantly and with great clarity on the computer screen. This enables the dentist to make and early diagnosis of any problem and for the patient to understand his own personal dental needs as never before.

Evaluation & Diagnosis :

We may decide to construct before and after models of the teeth so that the patient will be able to see the projected result before any tooth is treated.
The models are prepared and covered with tooth colored wax by our technician to produce an appearance that is very close to the finished result that we can obtain after constructing final crowns or veneers. This means that the patient will be able to assess the final appearance of their teeth very accurately before any actual work is done on them.

We quite deliberately avoid using computer generated images of the projected result in this practice because we believe that their use can lead to inaccurate assessment of how the patient’s mouth will look after treatment. Experience has taught us that diagnostic wax models produce a much more accurate representation.

After we have evaluated the models and X-rays we discuss our diagnosis and treatment plan fully. Only when you the patient fully understand and approve the treatment plan, we will schedule your first treatment appointment.